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Brewing Info 

What is so special about Specialty Coffee?
Well, everything if the process is understood and followed. 

The Specialty Coffee Association shares that “Specialty coffee can consistently exist through the dedication of the people who have made it their life’s work to continually make quality their highest priority” a collaboration of many from “crop to cup” starting with:

  • Coffee Growers who strive to perfect the process of producing the highest quality coffee possible and partner with like-minded buyers who understand the cost of quality. 
  • Green Bean Buyers whose skills to taste and source the "best of the best" coffees are essential and always represent specialty grade quality.
  • Coffee Roasters who acquire the knowledge and master the skills of the roasting process yielding the highest standards of consistent quality and flavor in every single batch roasted.  
  • The Coffee Café staff (Barista) who is the master of "all things brewing," equipment and coffee tasting ensuring a quality coffee drinking experience. 
  • The Coffee Connoisseur who rounds out the “crop to cup” lifecycle and drives the expectation for quality and variety in the coffee drinking experience. 

How To | Different Ways for Brewing Coffee

Automatic Drip

There’s nothing ordinary about coffee brewing anymore…and honestly, it can be challenging to find the “perfect ratio” of coffee grounds to water. So, here are some simple hints to help you brew the best cup of coffee:

- A standard US cup = 8 ozs.
- A Coffee pot/carafe cup = 5 ozs.
- So, a “12-cup” pot of coffee makes 60 ounces of coffee or about 7 regular-(8 oz.) cups NOT 12-(8 oz.) cups
- A general guideline termed "The Golden Ratio" = 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 8 oz. of water
- Suggested Coffee-to-water ratios using "The Golden Ratio":

     4 cups=20 oz of water & 5 tbsp coffee
     6 cups=30 oz of water & 7.5 tbsp coffee
     8 cups=40 oz of water & 10 tbsp coffee
     10 cups=50 oz of water & 12.5 tbsp coffee
     12 cups=60 oz of water & 15 tbsp coffee

The MOST important hint-coffee is as individual as you…make it to YOUR liking!
 Less coffee is OKAY, try 1-1.5 tablespoon coffee per cup

Instructional Video being added here in the near future !