Become a part of Kôfē Culture. We're creating a culture of positive vibes.

A Toast to Goodness

Order any one of our fresh roasted Coffees and you'll taste a sip of kindness with every cup! From our passionate support of entrepreneural women growers around the globe to helping food banks in our community, every awesome bag you purchase has purpose for the greater good. Cheers to your goodness and being part of a whole new kind of Kôfē Culture.

Lucky You. Gone are the Days of Limited Grocery Shelf Coffees. Each bag of Kôfē is roasted to order, so when it reaches your door, it's at the peak of freshness (which means peak flavor).

Kôfē Culture's Signature Single Origins, Signature Blends and Handpicked Artisan Blends

Have you ever considered a Coffee Subscription? Trying new things is the key to great discoveries. You can even send a Gift Subscription to a fellow coffee lover.

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“Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor.”

- William Cowper

Signature Blends. Our Master Roaster Knows a Thing or Two about Blends.

Kôfē Culture's Signature Coffees & Artisan Blends are created with you in mind. Hand selected coffees & farmers you'll love. Experience the most carefully selected coffees from around the globe. 

Offering the "Best of the Best" Certified & Project Coffees. Our Mission is in Every Cup.

These thoughtful selections will include coffees that specifically support Women Producers (Women owned & managed); Project coffees like "Coffee Kids" and Certified Coffees (Organic/Fair Trade). All of these are a priority for our business mission as they represent offerings that "give back" and provide support of these direct and indirect causes which is essential to sustaining our growers and producers.

Simplify & Explore. Enjoy Kôfé Culture's Subscription Options and Cool Gift Subscriptions

Fresh roasted coffee delivered regularly right to your doorstep - on your own schedule! And you can give this fabulous surprise to someone else as well. Gift subscriptions from Kófē Culture are the bee's knees.

Delectable | Kôfē

dĭ-lĕk'tə-bəl | cof-fēē
adjective > pleasing to the taste; delicious.

Creating a Culture of positive vibes

"I was so excited when Lori told me she was starting a coffee business!  I work at 501 Salon and we were looking for a new gourmet coffee option, and we love to support local small businesses.  What better way to do that than to try out my client's new coffee!  We tried it once and were hooked.  I, along with my coworkers and clients, drink it everyday at the salon!  Thank you Kôfē Culture for keeping this mom and hairstylist awake!"

Katie C.

"We are really enjoying the coffee subscription that we received as a Christmas gift. We love the creativity of the flavor combinations & the package design is lovely. What a fun gift of great taste! We will definitely be repeat customers!"

Tammy P.

"Though I don't possess the palette to distinguish between the individual components of the coffees, I do know that each of the coffees has a very smooth and non-bitter taste which I have never experienced before.  So much so that I bought a coffee maker so that I don't have to do the individual k-cups which had limited my consumption.  I so look forward to even more flavor experiences."

Lori J.

"All of the coffees well exceeded our K-Cup swill.  We seemed to particularly like the Kenya AA and Sumatra.  They were very smooth and rich with a bit of an "earthy" affect."

Jack & Pam C.

"Kôfē Culture has changed our coffee game!  At 501, we pride ourselves on hitting all 5 senses during your experience with us.  Taste is a HUGH part of that! No one wants to taste hairspray, so coffee is our best option!  Kofe Culture has brought a new sense of sophistication to our coffee options. We love the espresso blend of whole coffee beans for our Jura Machine.  Even with no add-ins - the coffee tastes amazing.  Thank you for helping us give our guests the best!"

Owner, 501 Experience

We tried several of the coffees from Kôfē Culture including the Kenya AA, the Ethiopian, the Guatemalan Hue Hue and the "Cup of Kindness" blend.  All of them were great! The Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees were mild with good flavor while the Hue Hue and the blend coffees were stronger and bold.  Our family particularly liked the blend. We will be very loyal customers, it’s great to have a local roaster making quality coffees here in Columbus!

David R.